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Since 2003 The Pension Design Group has been a trusted Third Party Administrator, located in Central Ohio. 

We have the experience and ability to administer all types of qualified retirement plans, including Cash Balance

Pension Plans. We are committed to providing optimal customer service to our clients by providing a                     dedicated administrator and administrative assistant, to ensure timely and accurate results. 



Judd Depew specializes in working with Financial Advisors to create the best retirement plan solution to meet the goals and objectives of

their business owner clients.  His background entails experience with both mutual fund and group annuity retirement plan vendors.  He         focuses on establishing Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit plans to help business owners maximize their tax deductions and                 enhance their retirement savings.  Judd has over 14 years of experience in the retirement plan industry and has been involved with all aspects        

of establishing and servicing DC & DB plans throughout his career.


Each administrator has experience in plan document analysis and extensive knowledge in the administration of defined contribution plans.

Our plan administrators have full responsibility for the maintenance of your plan on our Relius record keeping system. Your plan                       administrator is responsible for ensuring accurate and timely record keeping and reporting, assisting you with all transaction requests and     ongoing account updates and for maintaining smooth plan operation.​


Each plan administrator has an assistant who will work with your company in the day-to-day operation of the plan including but not limited     to plan loans and distributions, contribution remittance and enrollments.

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